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Oakview preschool offers four bright classrooms, separated by age.  Children move from one room to the next in September and continue in the class until the end of the school year in June.  Each class is designed to engage children at their developmental level and aid them in reaching appropriate and attainable milestones.  We heavily focus on social interactions, problem solving and connecting our interactions through play to real life events. 


Our Classes:

The Sunshine Room

This class is meant as an introduction to the school setting.  Children often play side-by-side and friendships emerge.  Teachers work with children on sensory play, communication, potty training and getting comfortable being in a larger setting outside of home or daycare.


The River Room

Children engage with one another and create bonds.  They begin to develop problem solving skills, discover what their bodies are capable of and learn that their words have meaning.  Independence is thriving in this class!


The Dandelion & Rainbow Room

The Pre-K/TK classes at Oakview are full of social interaction and learning.  Children explore letters, numbers, sounds and big concepts.  They take on more individual and community responsibilities such as classroom jobs, personal needs and more.  Curiosity blossoms and children really develop a love for understanding the world around them!



We offer daycare before school, from 8am to 9am, and after school from 12pm to 5pm. Daycare is a time you will find children of all ages playing side by side outdoors, engaging at tables inside, experiencing art and much much more.  Mixed age group play time is extremely beneficial as it helps children to develop empathy and play to the level of their peers.  This is works well for older children as they learn appropriate interactions for younger children.  This time is equally important for the younger children as they get to see the older kids model behavior and skill. 


During the morning daycare session, children spend time quietly playing with friends indoors before heading out to the playground to run around before class begins. During the afternoons we offer a naptime to those that choose to have their children nap, we have snacks, read stories, sing and play.  Occasionally we also get to attend socials with the seniors at Skyview Day Club next door!


Some days of the week there are extra-curricular activities available for sign up, at an additional fee.  During this time the children enrolled will be taken to their class on campus and will resume daycare activities or naptime after the activity is over.  Activities are typically scheduled right after lunch.  Please check our “Parents” tab for the links to view what is currently being offered. 

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